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The Rifle Brigade (Princes Consort Own)

The Rifle Brigade fielded 28 battalions in the First World War, from its original compliment of 4 regular and 2 reserve, seeing service primarily on the Western Front, but also in Macedonia. The regiment lost 11,575 killed in the course of the war.
They were awarded many battle honours, 10 Victoria Crosses and many other decorations.
The 8th Battalion of the Rifle Brigade (together with the 7th & 9th battalions) was part of the 41st Brigade of the 14th (Light) Division of XV Corps.
They were mainly made up of volunteers from the outbreak of WWI.

The battalion saw action including Ypres salient and the Somme. Notably the action they were in at Hooge, Belgium (30/31 July 1915) saw the first use of flamethrowers by the Germans, Sidney Clayton Woodroffe was awarded the VC for his actions in this battle.

7th (Service) BattalionFormed at Winchester on 21 August 1914 as part of K1 and attached to 41st Brigade in 14th (Light) Division.
Moved to Aldershot, going on to Elstead in November and returned to Aldershot in March 1915.
May 1915 : landed at Boulogne.
27 April 1918 : reduced to cadre strength.
17 June 1918 : returned to England with Division and cadre absorbed by 33rd Bn, the London Regiment.King's Royal Rifle Corps ·

Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)The Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) was raised in 1800.

Battalions during the Great War.
1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
3rd Battalion
4th Battalion
5th (Reserve) Battalion
6th (Reserve) Battalion
**7th (Service) Battalion **
8th (Service) Battalion
9th (Service) Battalion
10th (Service) Battalion
11th (Service) Battalion
12th (Service) Battalion
13th (Service) Battalion
14th (Reserve) Battalion
15th (Reserve) Battalion
16th (Service) Battalion (St Pancras)
17th (Reserve) Battalion
18th (London) Battalion
19th (Western) Battalion
20th (Northern) Battalion
21st (Midland) Battalion
22nd (Wessex & Welsh) Battalion
23rd (North Western) Battalion
24th (Home Counties) Battalion
25th (Reserve) Garrison Battalion
41st Brigade.Prior to being reduced to Cadre.
7th Bn King’s Royal Rifle Corps. 19 Aug 1914 - 02 Feb 1918.
To the 43rd Brigade.
8th Bn King’s Royal Rifle Corps. 21 Aug 1914 - 16 Jun 1918.
Reduced to Cadre on 27 Apr 1918. Cadre to the 34th Division.
7th Bn Rifle Brigade. 21 Aug 1914 - 17 Jun 1918. Reduced to Cadre on 27 Apr 1918. Cadre absorbed by the 33rd Bn London Regt.
8th Bn Rifle Brigade. 21 Aug 1914 - 16 Jun 1918. Reduced to Cadre on 27 Apr 1918. Cadre to the 34th Division.

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